Sunday, 19 August 2012

Building work finished pictures!

As I said in my last post the decorating is now complete, Yay! We had Courtney's room decorated a few weeks ago but wanted to wait a little longer before she moved upstairs. We bought her a bed last week and she moved in on Tuesday night (the 14th.) The first night was fun! She was certainly working with the novelty factor and it was almost midnight before she settled to sleep! Bless her, she has been fine ever since, thankfully, LOL! Here she is on her first night.♥

..........and this is her room. (although I'm sorry to say I don't think the photos do it justice as the lighting wasn't good in our house today, it's very pink and girly!)

a close up of her bedding

we chose a sweet daisy wallpaper for her feature wall, she loves sitting at the little dressing table we bought for her Birthday.

We've also put out the accessories in the upstairs bathroom. (shower room) I got most of the things I wanted from the Next stripy range I mentioned here but couldn't get hold of the soap dispenser so I made do with another one in the range. The toilet roll holder and towel ring have also been put up.

This needs a new mount yet, I'm thinking of getting a coloured one but wanted to put it up.

There's been a London theme added to the study. Don't you just love this huge canvas from next!

These were Birthday gifts from Mark

A little cross stitched soldier that sits in front of the printer. (The London stitch-a-long that i'm currently doing will also go into the study.)

Keyrings hanging from the drawers under my desk.

 and finally canvasses hanging down the chimney breast.

The last room to be decorated is the hall, stairs and landing. We purposely left it until last as we wanted to get the actual rooms decorated first and in case any damage was to be made to the new decor carrying furniture and the beds up. I'm going to be honest here and say I am actually a little embarrassed to show the before photos. I wish we'd got the panelling painted way before now. We last decorated when the first loft conversion was done 11 years ago. (*blush*) Still it suited our taste then but certainly not now! We can't believe how much brighter and light it all is now, we knew the red wallpaper made the room a little dark but the difference is amazing. I absolutely love the finish, we are in the process of changing the old brass handles downstairs to the same as the modern chrome ones upstairs (they are just balancing for the purpose of the photos, LOL.) We are just waiting for the decorator to come back and gloss the other sides of the doors before they can actually be fitted.

Do you remember the plaster in our living room?

Our poor living room being a victim of the builders!

Well, it now looks like this.......phew!

Finally, we had a problem! We discovered our downstairs toilet had a leak and not just a little leak! We had to take up the old vinyl and ply flooring. We had a dehumidifier on for a couple of weeks after the leak was fixed to completely dry out the floor, that's how bad it was! It seems it was never fitted correctly so has probably had the problem for a few years, it was only by chance we noticed it. The back of the old vinyl was stained so we got a new piece. Isn't this stripetastic! It's so clean looking! Of course then we needed a new bathmat and towels! I love how the bathmat matches the frog bath toy storage, that was quite an accident, I took a sample of the vinyl with me to match to a colour and by co-incidence they're exactly the same! This room used to be all blue and beige (the old vinyl was beige pebbles) but it really suits the injected colour! 


  1. I absolutely love all the changes! I only wish I could see them in person :(

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