Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday weekend

I can't believe we're at the last Bank Holiday weekend of this year! The year is flying by! We arranged to go and visit my Aunty and Uncle in Northampton over the weekend. We set off on Friday night and after quite a long journey down (roadworks and torrential weather) we arrived and settled in nicely.
Saturday we headed off to Wicksteed Park. I was taken here when I was little and the memories came flooding back, especially after seeing the water chute! We had a smashing time there on the rides.

We had a break and went back to the cars for a picnic and play. Charlie had a very big piece of grass to play football on!  We went back into the park area to have a few more rides and met Wicky Bear, Courtney enjoyed a dance along with him! It was a great day!

Sunday morning the 4 of us had a walk around Earls Barton (where Aunty Win and Uncle Pat live.) It's a very pretty village, some buildings have thatched roofs, there is a green and a very nice picturesque church. We found 'the rec' (recreation ground) and had a play on the swings before going back. We were booked to have a carvery around 2:30, on the way we visited Sywell Aerodrome. I think we go there every time we visit, it's such a cool place to go! There are small planes taking off and landing constantly!

The meal was very nice, after which we said our goodbyes to Aunty Win and Uncle Pat.

Whilst watching TV a few weeks ago we'd seen an advert for 'Milkshake Live!' Charlie and Courtney enjoy watching Milkshake in the mornings. All their favourite programmes are on it! We just thought, like most of these live performances, they wouldn't be anywhere near to us and indeed this one wasn't either but on researching the locations I realised it was playing in Buxton, Derbyshire on Bank Holiday Monday! Perfect, it was on the way home (ish, with a *slight* detour) and there was ticket availability! So we made our way to a Travelodge in Macclesfield the night before. Monday morning we drove into Buxton, to be fair there wasn't much open on the Bank Holiday but there was enough to entertain us for a while. We made our way to the theatre and found our seats. Charlie and Courtney were very excited!

The performance itself wasn't very long, we were in the theatre an hour and a 1/4 and that included a 20 minute interval! It was long enough though for littlies and they both had a brilliant time!

It was a bit of a long drive home, quite a lot of the way was on windy country roads but once we got onto the motorway it seemed to go OK. I think we were all happy to be home though.

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