Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bradley Wiggins's Golden Postbox!

In celebration of every gold medal won at the Olympics, Royal Mail are painting postboxes gold in the Olympians hometown! Bradley Wiggins is from Chorley, that is our nearest golden postbox so as I'm off work this week I took Charlie and Courtney on a train ride to see it! Bradley won his gold medal in the time trials event, we watched it whilst on holiday. It was an honour to see his postbox as only a couple of weeks before the Olympics he also won the Tour de France, the first Brit to do so!
The postbox is placed in front of the Town Hall, it was quite a popular attraction! We took a few photos there then went to Costa Coffee to meet up with my friend Tree and her daughter Catherine.

It was then that we thought about sending Daddy a postcard through the golden postbox! The post office was just along from where we were so when we said goodbye to Tree and Catherine we went to it. Unfortunately they didn't sell postcards but did have a blank Olympic first day cover envelope so we bought that along with a set of Bradley Wiggins stamps and an Olympic first class stamp. Charlie and Courtney wrote a message on the back and we went back to the golden postbox to post it.

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