Friday, 17 August 2012

"Bring me Sunshine!"

Today I welcomed Cara, Sue and their daughter's Sian and Allie from the 'Chorley Roses' to Morecambe!Allie has wanted to visit the Eric Morecambe statue for some time and as we aren't having a crop this month we arranged a day out instead. It was lovely having them all over, they also saw our building work, now that we're completely decorated and Courtney has moved upstairs, they were the first guests to see it all! (Blog post to follow soon showing the complete work!)
It wasn't looking good for their visit first thing, I dropped Courtney off at Nursery in heavy rain! Thankfully by 11:00 it was clearing up. We decided to head straight for the Eric Morecambe statue whilst it was dry. We then walked to Trawlers Chippy. I suggested there as we could eat indoors, just in case! It was still dry by the time we came out so we had a walk along the prom and stopped off at the Clock Tower. (or Little Ben as Charlie calls it) We ate Walling's ice cream there, the sun even came out for us as we were eating it! I then picked Courtney up a little early so she could have some time with us all back at home.

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