Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blackpool Zoo

Charlie, Courtney and I had a really good day at Blackpool Zoo yesterday with Elizabeth. The weather forecast was very changeable for the day and boy did it live up to the forecast! It had stayed fine all the drive down to the zoo but as soon as we'd paid for the tickets, it poured down! Thankfully it was only a shower and we had a look around a few enclosures. We realised that it was soon feeding time for the penguins. I really like penguins so wanted to see it. We got a good view and suddenly a very big flock of seagulls circled above our heads, they obviously knew what time it was too, LOL! A keeper gave a very interesting talk about the penguins whilst another keeper was feeding them. Shortly after it was time for the sea lion show. It was just around from the penguins so we made our way there, we got really good seats and waited about 1/4 of an hour. Just as the show started we could feel a few rain spots, then a few more, suddenly it was torrential!!! We tried to sit it out, thankfully Charlie and Courtney had raincoats but it got unbearable and we made our way out of the arena, just as we did they cancelled the show. We piled, with everyone else, into the cafe! The handryers in the loo came in very handy! Courtney had a change of clothes in her nappy bag and we dried Charlie's jeans. As we were in the cafe we decided to have lunch whilst the weather calmed down. It did and we walked around a few more enclosures. We dared to try the sea lion show again at 2:00. We arrived about 20 minutes before and sat waiting in the baking hot sunshine!! The show was very good and well worth seeing. We made our way to the children's farm after, Charlie and Courtney fed a few animals. We then had a last look around some more enclosures, avoiding a couple more showers on the way! All in all though we had an excellent day out and to be honest the weather we had was much like a lot of how our summer has been!


  1. Charlie's drawing as your banner is so gorgeous Karen! Its heart warming, indeed. I thought I was the only real fan of penguins around here!

    -Irwin Zinkin

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  3. Great Karen love ur pics