Tuesday, 7 August 2012

"Inspire a Generation"

"Inspire a Generation" is the motto of our Olympic Games. There is something uniquely special about how Charlie and Courtney have enjoyed the Olympics, Charlie has been excited in the run up to them and has watched many events. Courtney has also enjoyed watching the TV and has spent a lot of time copying Charlie so if he is excited she is too, if he joins in then she does too! I know they probably won't remember the games when they're older so I'm trying to record as many memories as I can for them with photographs and here on my blog.
A few days ago Charlie told us that he wants to be in the Olympics when he's a big boy! We asked which event he'd like to take part in, he thought for a bit and then declared he'd like to carry the torch, LOL!!!
This afternoon the Synchronised Swimming final was on, we've watched the qualifiers the last couple of days and both days, this has happened, I was hoping it would again today as I had the camera out! Indeed they didn't disappoint, here are my mini Syncro swimmers!!

Not long after we had the Equestrian event on, straight away Charlie went to get his hobby horse, of course then Courtney went to get hers! Here they are just having a quick watch to see what is their next move! Too cute!

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