Saturday, 17 July 2010

Why? Why? Why? Why?

So it seems Charlie has hit that phase........the Why? phase!! Everything we say is followed with a Why? and then another and another!! Bless him, it's such a cute phase! I wonder how long it will last..........LOL!

I had an email earlier, my antique drawers are repaired and should be on their way back to me very soon, yay! Plus we've now got the letter in hand with the permission needed from the brewery to build on our land! They put a covenant on the land that their permission had to be sought for any building!! We've been charged £117.50 to obtain it through the solicitor and after 7 months of chasing I was the one who finally sorted it out by dealing with the MD directly!! Still, at least we have it now and work can go ahead as planned in a couple of weeks!!

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