Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Aysgarth Falls

What a beautiful place! Finally after 3 attempts Elizabeth and I were able to take Charlie on a day out there! It is so well set up for pushchair/wheelchair users. I went to Ingleton falls last year and ended up carrying Charlie all the time. At Aysgarth the pathways are all flat to the falls, you do have to maneuver you way down to the falls but the most part is easily accessible and even if you can't get down to the falls you see enough from the top!
Charlie really enjoyed the day and he was so well behaved. When we went for lunch he told us he wanted to go back to the sea, LOL!! It was a little treturous to see the final fall as you can see in the top left pic but we got Charlie down there by him listening carefully to us and he'd wait for his next instruction! He loved it, to him it was one big adventure! It was so worth the effort getting down to that last fall, truly stunning! Elizabeth waited with Charlie whilst I ventured right up to the fall for a better pic!!! Whilst down there Charlie had fun making splashes with little stones into the 'puddles'!
On the way home we called in at Hawes, another lovely place. It was market day so we enjoyed a mooch although neither of us bought anything. (Elizabeth did buy Tim a couple of precious rocks from a shop though) We found a nice cafe, Elizabeth liked the name, Laburnham cafe. Anyway we were both still quite full from lunch so we only had a drink, an Elderflower presse to be precise. As Elizabeth commented, just like our grandmother's used to make. I hadn't realised her Grandma made it too! Charlie enjoyed an ice cream. We had a nice steady drive home, Elizabeth and I nattered whilst Charlie had a snoozle!

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  1. Lovely pics Karen - it looks like a beautiful spot :)