Monday, 19 July 2010

Approx 17 miles

I have to say approx as my cycle computer stopped working in the rain!! I took the reading from a blog entry a few weeks back where we did a simalar route. It's been a real mixture of sunshine and showers this morning but mainly dry! We set off on our cycle ride around 1pm, like we normally do and headed for Glasson Dock, we took the 'over' route going this time (near to the football ground) and back came along St Georges Quay. As we set off it was spitting slightly, as we got nearer and nearer to Glasson Dock it got heavier and heavier!! By the time we got there it was torrential, LOL!! We had to cycle all the way home in it too and it hasn't let up since!! Drowned rat was an understatement, LOL! We are currently on a hosepipe ban due to the resevoirs being at a very low level. Ever since the ban came into force it has rained!! I wasn't able to go out on my bike at all in the week which was quite frustrating!

1 comment:

  1. I think you're quite mad cycling in the rain! But I admire you anyway.