Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Just like Daddy! (and dreaded barbers visit, LOL)

This morning I took Charlie to have his hair cut, it's one of my worst jobs!! Charlie's hair has always grown quite fast, it was quite long when he came to live with us!! Anyway, we do all the prep talk, he responds well to it and he really likes Paul, the barber, but the second he sits in Paul's chair we have tears!! not just tears but uncontrollable sobbing! Every time!! It breaks my heart! So this morning was no different but I think we may have finally sussed out what the problem is! He doesn't like the hair going into his mouth, which of course it always does as he struggles so much! After much tussling this morning Paul gave me a facecloth to wipe away the hair. I asked Charlie if he'd like me to cover his mouth with it and that was it! he sat lovely and still for the duration of the cut and it looks lovely! He even told Daddy that mummy put the cloth over his mouth and he didn't cry! :wub:
So as a reward for finally being so good at the barbers we went to see Daddy at work! He was just loading up and Charlie just loved 'helping' his daddy! I tell you, he looked like a pro!! Mark has an employee, Paul, I think he'd better watch out, Charlie's after his job, LOL!!


  1. Aww, I'm glad you figured out what the problem was!

  2. I reckon he's better at measuring than Paul.
    What size is it Charlie? 50 pounds 8!!