Friday, 2 July 2010

Charlie is such a lucky boy!

I went for my 'mummy massage' last night, I go once an month as a little treat! I'm now really good friends with Carol who does my massage. We met about 5 years ago on our first adoption course, we got on well with them and they were from Heysham too! Unfortunately we lost touch but I did hear they'd adopted a little girl and briefly met them in Tesco about a year later. Just after we got Charlie we had a leaflet through the door about massages etc and I rang to enquire. Imagine my surprise when I turned up at my first appointment and it was Carol!!! Ever since we've been friends, I see her quite regularly for my massages and we try to meet up every school holiday for the children to play. Their little girl is adorable (i'm not going to name her as she has an unusual name and I wouldn't want to be responsible for any tracing) She's 6 now and just loves Charlie! She's a real 'motherer' and Charlie seems accepting of being mothered by her, LOL! Anyway, Carol asked me a couple of weeks ago if Charlie would like her little house, she doesn't play with it anymore and she'd suggested Charlie could have it. I said yes straight away and brought it home last night. I love it and so does Charlie!! The detail in all the pieces is fab! He's played beautifully with it all afternoon, he's amused by the toilet having a lift up lid (typical boy, LOL!) and has taken the dog for a walk all around the garden with the kennel!! I love the sleigh and reindeer, what a clever idea! At Christmas i'm going to give it a snow layer and put them out on display!


  1. oh that is lovely, what a lucky, lucky boy. So many lovely bits inside, the reindeer and the sleigh are so sweet. I have a vision of cars zooming down that sloping roof - it'll happen you know, lol!

  2. Wow, I would have been over the moon with a house like this when I was a child! I'm glad he's enjoying it.

  3. What a fabulous house :)
    We have just personalised my dd's have a look on my blog. Hope you're well and that you enjoy gogo today