Monday, 26 December 2011

We had a lovely Christmas!

It was just perfect! Charlie and Courtney came into our room and we had cuddles in bed before getting up to see if Father Christmas and Rudolf had feasted on their treats, Charlie was delighted to see that they had! We then went into the living room and there was a lovely pile of pressies each. Charlie walked up to his pile and straight away asked which present contained his bus, LOL!! They both had a great time opening their gifts and spent some time with each before moving onto the next. The nice thing was that they both took all day to open them. Charlie came out with another funny......there was one present that was wrapped in Christmas paper and then a layer of tissue paper. Charlie tore off the wrapping paper and excitedly said, 'yeah, it's pass the parcel!' he passed the present to Mark and exclaimed 'it's your turn!' Bless him. We were visited during the morning by Aunty Nic (my sister), Aunty Karin (our sister in law) Maddie, Dan, Chris, Ben and Emma (our nephews and nieces) who all delighted in seeing Charlie ad Courtney opening some presents. They have both been very lucky and have received some lovely toys, books and a few clothes. Early favourites are a soft toy giraffe for Charlie, who he has named George and Courtney's is a talking dolly! They both came out with us today (Boxing Day.)
We went to Heysham Golf Club for Christmas dinner, this is the first time we've eaten out at a restaurant in our 15 Christmas's together! (unless you count 2002 where we ate at Cafe Mickey in Disneyland, Paris but that certainly wasn't a traditional Christmas dinner, LOL!) I have cooked most of them but really wanted to enjoy time with Charlie and Courtney this year, Mark's parents are in Australia on holiday, so I decided we were eating out! My mum came with us and we had an amazing 5 course traditional Christmas meal, we were there around 2 hours and had no preparation, no pots to wash, it was bliss! Really relaxing and we all ate well.
Karin, Maddie and Dan came back mid afternoon to have tea with us. We prepared a simple buffet style tea which was just enough, we were all still stuffed by then!! After putting a very tired Charlie and Courtney to bed we sat and watched some TV whilst having a chat.
Hope you all had lovely Christmas Day's too!


  1. Courtney's dress is gorgeous! looks like you had a smashing day xxx

  2. Looks like a fabulous day - glad to see that the dressing up tradition hasn't gone out of fashion :)