Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dirty Dancing

Talk about last minute! I was planning on going to Dirty Dancing with a friend but time got on and when we looked into tickets there weren't any left where 2 could sit together. We have decided to go and see Oliver instead in a few weeks time but I still wanted to see Dirty Dancing. My friend told me to go ahead on my own. The availability of tickets wasn't very good, either right at the back of the stalls or random tickets in the upper circle. All these tickets were very expensive I thought for where they were. Yesterday morning I was looking through the booking site, I knew last night was sold out BUT whilst on yesterday I noticed some tickets had been released! They were all single tickets but better than any I'd seen on any performance! I rang the box office and was told that they are sometimes reserved but then not paid for so get released on the day. I had noticed on the site that there was a premium ticket available but I believed it to be the wrong price. I was told that it's basically better to get bums on seats and at that late point the chances of selling the premium tickets at full cost is slim so they let them go cheaper! I quickly spoke to Mark about going and rang them straight back to snap up the ticket! So that was it, I went on the 14:26 train from Lancaster and had a quick mooch around the sales before having tea and going to the theatre. I didn't buy anything but did see Louise from this year's Big Brother house in the Arndale! At least I'm 99.999% sure it was her, I only had a quick glimpse! She is from Manchester though so I know it was her!!! LOL!
It was absolutely chucking it down all afternoon so I got a little wet! I arrived at the theatre around 6:30pm and collected my ticket. It was too early to go in so I went across the road to a cafe for a latte, it was really nice, one of those type of drinks where you don't want it to end, LOL! I made my way back over to the theatre around 7:00pm and bought a programme and CD. I then went to my fab seat and waited for the performance to start. It was really good and followed the film exactly, even down to the lines they were saying. The dancers were amazing and the girl who played Lisa was excellent, extremely funny!! Not that she had a big part but she stole the show for me!!

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  1. I had so much trouble getting tickets as well but thankfully managed to get two in the end! Couldn't believe how quickly they sold out! I'm not going until next weekend, so excited. The husband and I have decided to make a big thing of it and stay in a serviced apartment in Manchester too. Thanks for making me even more excited than I already was.