Saturday, 24 December 2011

On Christmas Eve........

......we had a very busy day!!

It all started when we went out for breakfast to Toby Carvery (The Shrimp) where we enjoyed a really nice buffet selection including sausage, bacon, scrambled egg and toast! I went to The Shrimp last Monday with some friends for a Christmas dinner. Included in the meal was a drink and I chose a 'Glitterberry J20' but they didn't have any in stock so this morning I asked if they had any and they did so I now sparkle inside!! We booked to go 10 pin bowling at 11:30 so just had a little time before to pop into the supermarket for all the fresh bits and pieces we needed over Christmas. We arrived at bowling and changed our shoes, in Mark's 44 years he'd never been bowling!! It was Courtney's first time too. Charlie showed them both how it was done!♥ It was a really good game and towards the end Mark and I were very close in scores and our competitive side came out, LOL! I'm pleased to say I won!!!

After the bowling we went visiting, we saw Kathryn and then Tim and Elizabeth, they both live in Carnforth which is about 10 miles from home. Courtney fell asleep in the car on the way home so we put her in bed. Charlie was upstairs in the study with us and Father Christmas sent him a personal video, it was amazing! He knew Charlie's name and that he was 4 and went to school, he showed Charlie a photo of his Birthday and when he dressed up for spotty day! He told him he had to be kind to his little sister and that he should be asleep when he calls in tonight. Charlie was completely mesmerised! Bless him! (The site we used was
When Courtney got up Daddy made a shortbread Christmas Tree with them both, what a sticky mess, LOL!

Thankfully then we all had a little rest before setting out to the Christingle service at Church. We attend a very popular Church and this evening was no exception! There were no seats left when we arrived but Rvnd. Tickner invited the children to all sit at the front on the carpet, that freed up a few seats and we sat on the front row! It worked out well as both Charlie and Courtney could sit just in front of us. We sang a few traditional carols and Rvnd. Ticker gave a nice sermon. Then it was time for the Christingles, each child was given one and when they were sat back down they were all lit. I was sitting with Charlie and Courtney, I had thought not to light Courtney's but one thing about my little girl is that she never likes to miss out on anything! We did try pretending to light hers but she was having none of it, LOL! As I was right there with her I did light it for her using Charlie's candle. The lights in Church we switched off and we sang 'Away in a Manger' by candlelight. It was beautiful.
After the service we had to make some preparations for Father Christmas's visit! It was raining quite heavily but we really needed to put down some reindeer dust on our driveway (we had promised all day!) We did it quickly!!
Once back inside we made a plate up with treats for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolf! Now Father Christmas's cup says he's to have milk, Charlie wanted to give Father Christmas a banana milkshake, LOL, so that's what he got!! It was then bedtime, we've bought them new PJ's, here they are modelling them.
And just when you all thought my children were sweet and innocent all of the time, here they are to prove you wrong.........little monkeys!!♥♥♥

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