Sunday, 11 December 2011

On the Eleventh day of Christmas.......

......we Christmassed up the house!!!

It's been a tough week so it was so nice to spend quality family time today decorating! Both Charlie and Courtney have been unwell and it's heartbreaking when you can see their suffering and feel their temperature and are powerless to do anything about it. All they've wanted are cuddles, well I have plenty of them to give.♥ Now that I've gone back to work it's tough being a working mummy but thankfully they were both OK enough to go to school and nursery and I only work 2 days. They're very up and down at the moment, I think Charlie is just very tired and he's ready for his school holiday. Courtney has been affected worse and has been quite clingy which is most unlike her. Hopefully they'll both be feeling better very soon.

We always wait until after Mark's Birthday to decorate our house and today was that day! Our day started with attending church, it was the Sunday School Nativity which was lovely, we also had the Bishop in attendance!

We had a quick cuppa on our return home and then started unloading the Christmas boxes! Both Charlie and Courtney were very excited to see all the festive decorations and sparkle! We started with the tree, Mark and I put it together and wrapped the lights and tinsel around it. Then the fun part, all 4 of us decorated it with baubles and decorations!

Charlie had the honour of placing our Angel bear on the top of the tree.

It looks beautiful! The first photo was taken just after we'd finished, the second all lit up this evening.

Charlie and Courtney's special baubles♥

and we all know how fun tinsel is to play with!!

We then decorated the living room (the tree is in the conservatory) We've not put quite as much out this year, little fingers and all that!! Bless!

Charlie then had fun decorating a little further! I don't know where we're meant to sit all Christmas and we weren't allowed to move anything until bedtime, LOL! I love how he also used leftover balloons from Mark's birthday too!

Only last night I finished the Christmas Bear's cross stitch! Courtney Bear is on the left and Charlie Bear the right! I bought a frame and mount from Wilkos and I think they're absolutely perfect for it and cost a fraction of the normal price I pay to frame my cross stitches! You can see on the living room pic where it's hanging.

We have 2 new additions to our decorations this year. I am so blessed and lucky to have my gorgeous family. Whilst on a girly weekend away my lovely hubby and children bought me this purple bauble, it says 'we love mummy' and I will treasure it forever, it's a little bigger than a standard bauble and I didn't want it to get lost on the tree so it has pride of place hanging from the centre of the curtain pole (we don't close the curtains!) Isn't it lovely!

The other decoration is a fireplace with all our names on, I got it a few weeks ago when we visited Barton Grange garden centre.

Now, how do I start this next bit, I am married to the most wonderful man, but he's just plain daft! It seems Santa has been having a little tipple and tried abseiling but he's got his foot stuck in the tinsel and is now hanging upside down!! His piece of tinsel is quite long and there is a penguin at the top looking down at him!! LOL!

Not only are we all excited about Christmas, Gizzy is joining in too! He finds this spot on the Pooh Bear sack every year and he'll be on that spot right up until the day it gets put away again, bless him!

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