Sunday, 18 December 2011

On the Eighteenth day of Christmas......

.....we visited Father Christmas!!!!

Wow, today we went to Bayview Garden Centre and saw baby reindeer! They were outside Father Christmas's magical grotto!
We waited our turn to see Father Christmas and Charlie was quite excited! Once inside it was wonderful, beautifully decorated and Courtney took a real shine to a snowman in the corner! Father Christmas was very kind, Charlie sat with me and Courtney sat with Daddy and Father Christmas asked their names and how old they are, what they would like for Christmas and said if they were asleep on Christmas night he would bring them some lovely presents.
*Charlie had said for quite a long time that he would like a new bendy bus as his has broken, he told Father Christmas today that he would like a straight one now that talks!!!!!!* Erm, whoops! Father Christmas has already been shopping!! LOL! Besides, have you ever seen a bus that talks???*

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