Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day

So how did you spend your Boxing Day? Resting after a hectic Christmas Day? Visiting friends and family? Perhaps a visit to the cinema? What did we do.......well, Mark and Charlie went to watch Preston North End Football club and Courtney and I got all girly and went sale shopping!!
I have to admit I'm not a great shopper, I only went sale shopping because we were in Preston, I could have stayed home but where's the fun in that! So we dropped the boys off at PNE and parked up quite easily, I was surprised, I thought it would be busier than it was. We were able to have a nice wander around the shops. I bought a new top and jeans, some underwear and some half price cards and wrapping paper for next year! We had a nice couple of hours then went back to pick up Mark and Charlie.
We just had a play with the new toys when we got home until bedtime. Tomorrow we are finding new homes for all their Christmas gifts!! Wish us luck, I think we'll need it, LOL!
I sent Mark off to football with my camera, really chuffed with his result, even if he wasn't, his team drew 3-3!!

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