Sunday, 13 June 2010

Visit to Jen's

*I posted this on Saturday but can't have hit 'post' correctly as i've just found it in drafts!!*

Charlie and I went to visit Jen yesterday (Friday) afternoon, I hadn't realised her boys, Daniel and Noah were off school still as they had 2 weeks school holiday so that was a lovely surprise and they did an amazing job keeping Charlie entertained! When we arrived Jen had prepared a lovely lunch for us and I provided chocolate muffins (how naughty am I!!) Jen and I had a lovely natter whilst all 3 boys played really nicely outside. We then had a little walk into town to have a look at Home Bargains! That shop has some amazing bargains! We picked up some puffy stickers for 29p and I bought a nice 'Family' wooden word sign for £1.99. (I took a couple of pics to share whilst in town but I didn't manage to capture one of everybody looking!) Our visit flew by and we left around 5 as I was oscilating at 6:30. We had a bit of a nightmare going home, a combination of Friday night traffic, 3 lots of road works and a detour to Carnforth as i'd heard on the radio there was a bad accident at Lancaster so decided to avoid the area completely!! Hey ho though, I got back just in time for my oscilating appointment so it was OK.
I always love seeing Jen, she's such an inspiring and caring person. I truly admire her and will miss her terribly when she emigrates to New Zealand but I know i'll be visiting some time! (I know you'll be reading this Jen so you'd better warn Grant that he's not safe from Talky2!!!!! Even if he does move to the other side of the world! LOL!)

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  1. It was lovely to see you and Charlie too, thanks for coming all the way down to see us. He is such a credit to you, such a nice boy and so polite! You'd BETTER come visit us in NZ!!! And can I have copies of the pics anyway please?