Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Calico's window

I can't believe I did it again on Calico's window!! I'd stitched all of the ginger colour and realised i'd centered her from the bottom, therefore her head was a bit too close to the curtains on the right! So I had to unpick it all and move her 3 stitches to the left! It was a little complicated as the tabby cat design is in the round window at the top of the house where Gizzy is so I had to adapt it to fit into one of the square windows. In the end I made a copy of the chart, cut the cat out and positioned her in a square window so I knew I had her exactly in the middle. I've stitched the whole of the house with no troubles at all and then in the last couple of days made 2 silly errors!! :rolls eyes: LOL!

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