Thursday, 3 June 2010

A rare find!

I was delighted at work yesterday to discover one of the rare 20p coins! It is estimated there are only 50,000-200,000 of these coins in existance! You imagine how many 20p coins there are circulating the UK, that really is a very tiny amount of the rare coins and I found one :D
There was an error at the Royal mint where the date didn't get put onto these coins! Here's an article about it! I am over the moon I found it, these coins are raising alot of money on Ebay so I called my manager in as I thought it was just too good an oppurtunity to miss to raise some money for charity. He decided to keep the fundraising within our store and has suggested a sealed bids auction! How exciting! I will, of course, be placing a bid! LOL!
One comment my manager said was how much he liked working with honest people like me, he said many people would have just simply swapped the coin and he'd have been none the wiser, I replied that I handle around £15,000 - £20,000 in cash every day when i'm at work and I appreciate being in such a position of trust. My thoughts are that no amount of money could have paid for the respect i've earned through this :D and if fate is on my side perhaps i'll own the coin anyway! but if not i'm not going to be too sad about it.

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