Saturday, 5 June 2010

Saturday scrapping!

I made this paper layout earlier this evening which went quite well and i've spent the last couple of hours faffing with a digi layout that I just can't get to 'come together'!!! I think i'm just going to have to leave it now and come to it again with a fresh mind tomorrow!!


  1. That's kind of how I feel about every single layout nowadays. I'm ready to give up scrapping except I want to finish Noah's album :( Your collage layout came out great!

  2. (((((Hugs Jen))))) Your work is amazing, it would be a shame if you gave it up :( Hope we can help each others mojo on our scrapping day :D

  3. Hi - didn't realize you have a blog. Charlie is such a lovely big boy now - I remember following you at UKS when you were still waiting for him. I like your stitching too - cute house. And well done with all the cycling. Best wishes CharlieDK