Tuesday, 15 June 2010

10 miles

I had said to myself that I wasn't going to cycle this evening as i'm tired and with oscilating aswell have been wondering if i'm over doing it. Anyway, Mark came home early from work today so we went for a lovely walk around Heysham with Charlie. I cross stitched a little when we got home and then got itchy feet to have a cycle!! I was really proud when I managed to knock 1min30secs off my best time to VVV (4.85 miles in 22 minutes exact!) I really went for it and was reaching up to 16mph! I had my usual 10 mins or so break, turned around and then I realised how super windy it was!!! No wonder I rode down so fast!! I really struggled against the wind, LOL!!! I decided to have a little detour on the way home and went via Strawberry Gardens as it's a little flatter and I was cream crackered!! LOL!

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