Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The house is finished!! Yay!

It's taken me exactly 2 months to stitch (I started on the 8th April but not stitched on it every day.) It's huge, alot bigger than I expected but I absolutely adore it, all it needs now are some occupants!♥ Gizzy is going in the round window, Charlie in the top left window, our little girl top right (but I won't be stitching her until we hear about her.) Then Calico in the bottom window and Mark and I stand in the doorway!!


  1. Cute! I can't wait to see it occupied!
    Still on for Friday?

  2. Thank you! Oh yes I am! I was going to email you later! Should be at yours for around about 1 ish? Is that OK? xxx

  3. This is adorable! Can't wait to see the finished piece :)

    Thanks for sharing,

    Alex x