Saturday, 5 June 2010

A good shopping day!

I've been itching to go to Barrowford for a few weeks, there's a shop there called Patchwork Chicks and she stocks the most gorgeous fabrics. I was going to go yesterday but Charlie was a little under the weather so I thought it wasn't fair to take him there with me so we stayed home. So today Charlie stayed home with Daddy and I went off on my own! It was such fun being able to browse, I hardly get to do that these days!! LOL! Since I went last she's started stocking a lot more habedashery type things and i'm a sucker for ric rac and pretty buttons!! I could have easily bought every button in the shop, they were all gorgeous! I love my new Tilda tin♥, i'm going to store my new shiny threads that I bought from Topaz in it. Talking of Topaz that's where I went after Barrowford! It's in Oswaldtwistle and only a few miles from Barrowford so it would have been rude not to call! They had bargain tables set up outside, the chappie was giving out carrier bags and we were told to 'stuff 'em', LOL! There was some really good bits, a folder full of peel offs (none used) sticky dots, punches, stickers, tapes, page protectors and loads of rubber stamps but I was good and didn't pick any of those, although I did look!! ;) Imagine my absolute surprise when he said £8.00 to me!! All that loot for just £8.00!! BARGAIN!!

So cute, all my family came out to wave me off ♥♥♥

I love how she uses brown paper bags for packaging! (at Patchwork Chicks)

Such pretty buttons♥

My £8.00 loot!!

I'd have paid £8 just for the sparkly thread!!


  1. oh you did have fun didn't you, lol! I thought you would like the Tilda stuff and the rikrak!

  2. Ooh, great haul! Beautiful stuff, from what I can see. Can't wait to see what you make with the fabric.