Friday, 26 February 2010

Such a clever boy!

We introduced the idea of toilet training to Charlie when he turned 2, he wasn't ready at all but we just left his potty out and let him get used to it being around. We've kept introducing the idea to him and bought him a great book with a reward chart in the back. We read the book regulary to him and this afternoon we were at home so I took his nappy off! He's sat on his potty a few times, had 2 accidents on the carpet (which I reassured him were OK) then as I was tidying his toys up I saw him go to his potty and he wee'd!! What followed next was not so pleasant but being a good mummy I just smiled and said 'never mind' he picked up the potty, praising himself, and for some reason held it above his head then showered us both!!!! Fortunately the bath was running, I just had to get in it with him too!! Another funny, if he 'pumps' he panics and looks all around the carpet to see what he's done!!!

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