Sunday, 28 February 2010

Happy Birthday Tia!

Today we went to Tia's 4th birthday party at Wacky warehouse in Morecambe, it was good fun! Charlie was in a shy mood today, (he seems to be having a shy phase at the moment)he played lovely with us but wouldn't go off with JJ, Tia's brother, even though he asked him a few times!! He ate his dinner nicely, well, Chicken nuggets are always a good hit aren't they, LOL!!
This afternoon I have had a good sort out of Charlie's clothes, he's grown out of so many! I always find it sad having to put out clothes that hold lovely memories but they're no good to small on him so I was brave, LOL! Fortunately I can hand them onto Kathryn for Daniel and see them again when he wears them!

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  1. How about saving some of his clothes that have special memories and make a quilt out of them?