Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lovely post day!

I love receiving post! It's such a funny thing but i've always liked getting post! (obviously not bills!) I remember when I lived with my Grandma as a teenager getting excited when a letter arrived for me! Now i'm in my own house I still enjoy having post! I would have to admit being a bit of a postie stalker! LOL! Parcel post is even better! It's so exciting when i've ordered something and it arrives! Today was one of those days and i'm really pleased with the customer service of the company as I only ordered them yesterday! A couple of weeks ago my friend Sarah was wearing a beautiful charm bracelet, it's something i'd always fancied having and after seeing hers I decided to treat myself! It's a Thomas Sabo one, it's sterling silver and quite weighty! So my lovely bracelet needed some charms! I want each charm to represent significant things in my life. As it's Mother's Day in a couple of weeks I had my eye on a lovely mummy charm, I love how it's got a boy and girl engraved into it, so precious! I am waiting until Mother's day to put it on as I would like this one to be my very first charm. The love charm is going away for my birthday in May from Mark and the teddy bear charm I have treated myself to! I'm an old softie and have a passion for bears! This charm is just perfect as I think it looks alot like my childhood bear 'Michael' he is one of my most treasured posessions as he was handmade for me by my Great Grandmother when I was born. The charm has moving arms and legs just like 'Michael'!! The last one is an aeroplane! This is to represent how I love to travel. For buying the 3 others I got this one free! There was only a choice of 4 free ones and i was delighted the plane was one of them as it was on my wishlist!
I am quite happy to wait for the others on my wishlist (although I might drop some hints for my b'day off other family members :wink:) There are only a couple more on my wishlist at the moment, a cat as we have 2 and they're very much a part of our family and the Statue of Liberty, this is quite an unusual one but I just really like the statue and my grandparents visited it when I was younger and brought me back a brass copy which I still have. I visited the Statue myself a few years ago too. It's one of those things that just means something to me if you know what I mean!

*photo of Michael was taken by my lovely friend Jen*

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  1. How lovely, I love the idea of having charms that really mean something to you.