Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sharing some craftiness!

First of all the Teddy Bear's picnic was a huge success! I have photos but need to edit them first before I can share! I was thankful of the picnic as I had a bit of a bad day yesterday, we were supposed to be going to panel for our adoption on Wednesday but we found out yesterday that it's no longer going ahead and there are 19 other couples in the same situation as us. Our own social worker is on leave until Tuesday (we didn't know) so had I not chased it up yesterday we wouldn't have found out until Tuesday!! It's such a minefield, having been through it once already we do know what it's like but still it does hurt when things don't go as we feel they should :( Anyway i'm not going to dwell on it, i'm going to share makes instead! I am a crafter, I love playing with fabric and scrapbooking with paper and digi!! Recently i've been having a real good cross stitch! I've just finished the Dolly Mama one this afternoon, I love her! She's so bright and colourful and completely different to anything i've stitched before!! there's supposed to be a chicken in the bottom left corner but i didn't like it so have left it off, i'm going to find a charm instead to stitch on, something like a cupcake maybe! Another recent stitch is the FaLaLa one, my lovely friend Tree introduced me to these little house needleworks ornaments and we're both stitching them every month! I've only done the first one so need to catch up plus she also introduced me to a series called My little Heart which again are monthly charts but alot simpler than the ornaments, I can't wait to start that one.
The other pictures i've put up are my 2 favourite cross stitches, both are huge! and mean alot to me! The cricket scene I stitched in 1998 in memory of my Grandad, he was passionate about cricket and he was such an important influence on my life, my Grandma absolutely loved it and that meant alot too. The Australia map hangs in our bedroom above our bed, Mark and I both love Australia and I bought this chart whilst on holiday there. I stitched it whilst sitting with my dad as he battled cancer, I sat up with him the last 2 nights before he died all night long stitching it, it was a good way of keeping me awake and offered the distraction I needed.
Another recent passion which interestingly Tree introduced me to too! is quiltling. This is my second quilt, I really like the colours of it. It's made up of Moda Authentic range. I've also included a close up of the block and trimmings, I promise never to use ric rac again on a quilt!! It was torture and had to be hand stitched on, it goes off in every direction!!!
This evening I am going to scrapbook! I subscribe to Scrapagogo kits and have seen a layout I like from one of their designers!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful work, you are so talented!!