Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The picnic!

Golly, where did those few days go??? The weekend whizzed by and suddenly it's Wednesday! being Wednesday that means it was weigh in day! I only weigh myself at home but my scales have been fab whilst I lost the 2 stone 10lbs last year so i'm trusting them again this time! So this weeks loss was 2lbs which i'm happy with. :D

Now for the much promised Teddy Bear's picnic photos! My friend has a lovely one of all 3 children looking but i'm waiting on a copy of that one, I will add it when I have it. It was a great success, we all enjoyed it! Jessica and Daniel both brought a teddy to join in with the fun and look at Daniel, sitting up is his new party piece, bless him! He's 5 months old now and such a cutie! Jessica is 4 and is my gorgeous god-dughter, she's an absolute treasure, then of course there's Charlie with his ever so cute 'smile face' again, LOL!!

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  1. Adorable!! And well done on the 2lb loss, that's fantastic! I lost only half a pound this week but am still chuffed because 1 of the days we were driving back from Rebecca's and we ate loads of junk in the car, then I had a meal out and then the day before weigh-in we went to Pizza Hut buffet for lunch. So half a pound loss was very welcome!