Saturday, 27 February 2010

Carnforth High School Reunion

This year my old High School is 50 years old!! I attended when it had it's silver jubileee!! This morning they opened up the school to ex pupils to celebrate! It was fun to go back and see how the school has massively changed over the last 20 years! They've knocked down 2 outside buildings (block 1&2) and created a new extension to the rear of the school and you no longer have to go outside to get to your classes!(golly they have it easy now, LOL!) I saw lots of my old teachers too, there are 3 who still work there! All the girls above were in my year and it was fab to see them again, Julie, on the left now works at the school and has worked her way up to Deputy head! Kathryn is next to her, she's been my best friend for 32 years! then there's me in the middle, then Tracey and Nicola, funnily enough the 3 of us all went to college together after school and all qualified as Nursery Nurses in 1992!
I don't remember the photos below been taken at all, LOL! they were on display in the hall. Don't you just love the trumpet one, it looks like it's welded to my face!

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