Thursday, 18 February 2010


Why oh why do I do this to myself!! I get an idea into my head and then I regret it, LOL! I've been wanting to have a good sort out of a few of my crafting bits and pieces for ages so tonight i've made a start! I've spent around 4 hours just sorting :wacko: i've enjoyed it though, I do like things neat and tidy! :D

Day 1 of the 'D' went OK, thankfully work kept me occupied most of the day! I only felt a little hungry once and a cuppa sorted that out for me! maybe I was more thirsty than hungry?

I'm really enjoying the winter Olympics, it's on at odd times of day though but i've discovered that if I press the red button on BBC2 I can watch whenever I want! The ice skating is always my favourite event and this year i've quite enjoyed the ski jumping! The luge frightens me watching it, they reach such speeds! I think I was partly put off already with the sad death of the competitor before the games started. :( On the whole though i've enjoyed watching and will miss it when it ends.

Tomorrow i've planned a little treat! My god daughter, Jessica, is coming to visit, she is, of course, bringing her mummy and baby brother Daniel but the treat is for her and Charlie! We'd originally planned to take then to McDonalds but as i'm trying to be good and that it's half term, therefore likely to be very busy, i've come up with a better idea! We're going to have a teddy bear's picnic! I can't wait, I think i'll be more excited than the children but hey! it'll be fun. I've even bought in party rings and jammie dodgers, for the kiddies of course, LOL! Hopefully I can load up some piccis tomorrow of the event!!

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  1. Ooh fun, can't wait to see pics! Well done with the 'D', I think the first week or two are the hardest and then it becomes more of a habit. I did well yesterday too. One day at a time, right?