Saturday, 21 July 2012

Olympic Rings

The Tyne Bridge in Newcastle currently has some Olympic rings suspended on it! The rings span 25 metres across the bridge and are the largest set of Olympics rings in the country! There are many sets of rings across the UK and I first saw the ones on Tower Bridge on television when they were unveiled. Mark then said there were some in Newcastle too. His cousin (and Courtney's God-Father) lived over there so we were hoping to visit whilst on holiday in Thirsk next week. Unfortunately that wasn't to be as we knew Philip was poorly and sadly he passed away, we ended up going to Newcastle to attend his funeral on Friday.
Mark's parents, Sylvia and Hughie stayed with Charlie and Courtney in the hotel the night before whilst Mark and I drove to see the rings. I was quite disappointed to find they weren't lit up, I was rather hoping to achieve a photo something like this (found on the Telegraph website).....

but mine are more like this.....

and a closer one to see the rings.....

Doesn't have quite the same vibrancy, does it but I'm pleased we went to see them. One photo I am quite pleased with is this one of the Millennium Bridge.

But then when it comes to stunning photography this image compares to none other. It was taken by Ken Fitzpatrick.

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