Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Charlie's Reception Year

So tomorrow marks the end of Charlie's first year in school. He finishes at midday and has 6 weeks school holiday until he returns as a Year 1 in September (which, just to note, will be when Courtney becomes a 'red tabard' at Nursery making her a pre-schooler!)
Last Friday Charlie brought home his school report, we are extremely proud of him, he has achieved so much. He is obviously highly thought of in class and applies himself well. His strongest subject appears to be Maths, whenever he tells us of anything school orientated it quite often includes something Mathematical! Number lines being his favourite! I have scanned in his report which you are more than welcome to read. I wanted to include it in my post so I will always have a copy of it in case anything happens to the original.

One thing I really loved about his report is that he had an opportunity to comment too, in Reception this is done by forms of a worksheet. So cute!

Yesterday Charlie brought home his class photo, we ordered it a couple of weeks ago, I really like the panoramic format of it and how it incorporates the Jubilee year.

He also brought home his book bag full of the year's work, it's fantastic and we've really enjoyed looking through it. A couple of pieces I thought I'd share. The first is very cute and oh so innocent. When learning about the Queen, Charlie wrote 'she live in Buckingham Palace. The Queen has lots of bogs!!!!' Charlie sometimes gets his letters the wrong way around, he meant dogs, LOL!!!! Bless!

and the other piece, Charlie had to write his own much do I love this boy, he makes my heart melt!♥ Dear God, thank you for mummy, daddy and courtney.

Charlie has been very lucky with his first teachers, they have been so good. We learnt who his teacher will be next year and we are delighted. Although we haven't had a lot of contact with her this year she seems very nice and parents I have spoken to speak highly of her.

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