Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Resolution?

So are you making a New Year's Resolution? I'm going to try my hardest with mine this year! In 2009 I lost 2 stones 10lbs and felt great for it! Despite saying I wasn't going to put it back on again and be a yoyo dieter, here I am having *almost* put it all back on! I kept stop starting last year, I'd be really keen and shed a few pounds then lose interest, it's not an excuse but the weather never really helped, I enjoy cycling but wasn't able to ride quite so much. I have been doing Zumba for almost a year now and really enjoy that but was restricted at first as I was a pay as you go member, it was working out too expensive to do any more than one class a week. I joined the gym about a few months ago so now have no reason not to do more than one class. I did start doing 2 classes but one was an evening class and towards the end of the year Mark always has to work late and with all the festive preparations and Charlie being off school Zumba took a back seat!
So, I'm going to try really hard! When I am tempted I am going to ask myself what I want more, that treat or to feel good again? We are going on holiday on the 10th of February so that's my first target, I have just short of 6 weeks, so I'm going to strive for 10lbs! I would say a stone but I have to be realistic! Some weeks I can lose 2 lbs in a week but quite often last time I would lose a pound but a loss is a loss so i'll stick with 10lbs and anymore will be a bonus!


  1. You and me both!! For the first time in 2 years my life is stable and I have no excuses. I have to do it and I want to do it. What is your weigh day? Let's report back to each other. You don't have to say your weight, just report what you've lost that week. Mine is a Monday (keeps me behaving on the weekend!!) So ask me next Monday and I'll tell you what I've lost.

  2. Good luck to you and Jen :-) My resolution is to eat less (rather than loose weight which I am never any good at doing) and do more exercise.