Sunday, 22 January 2012

Join the Dots......Round 2?

On Friday night we noticed Charlie had a couple of little red spots, we thought this is it, Charlie now has the Chicken Pox. We were relieved firstly as our thoughts were at least they've both had it and then also the timing, it's 3 weeks until our holiday so he would be clear of them by then. By morning we thought he'd be covered in spots but alas he wasn't! Only about another 5 or so appeared and they were all these tiny spots! Only time would tell if he was going to get full blown Chicken Pox. Well over the weekend a few more have appeared, he now has around 20 (as you can see by the pics not many on his body and none at all on his face but they're completely spread out over everywhere else!) and he has been a little off colour all weekend, just generally clingy, crying at any little thing and saying he feels tired. Courtney, we thought, was lucky to only have them mildly. If these are Chicken Pox Charlie has got off very lightly!!! We went to a chemist today to see if the pharmacist could diagnose the spots but all he said was that it could be an allergic reaction or indeed the Chicken Pox, either way we have been advised to keep him off school tomorrow and bless him he is devastated, he loves school. I am going to ring our doctors surgery in the morning and see if we can just pop and see either a doctor or practice nurse to see if they can diagnose him conclusively!

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