Friday, 6 January 2012

New Cross Stitch-a-long!

I really enjoy stitch-a-longs! I've done a couple and they've been fun! This one is going to be just as fun I'm sure! The cross stitching bug seems to have really hit the Chorley Roses! We all started out as scrappers and indeed there are still a few of us who still scrapbook. As a group we have diversified into all sorts of crafting now and there are 4 of us who are cross stitching crazy at the moment! At our last Crop-i-day (a girlie crafting weekend away) Tree found a very cute owl design whilst browsing on her Ipad! We decided as there are 6 of us in our group and we really like owls that it would make a really appropriate stitch-a-long! We are stitching the branch at our leisure and one owl each month! I've started January's owl this evening, she's looking lovely in her rich jade and purple colours! There are over 30 colors in this design, they're all lush and I can't wait to see each owl flourish!

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