Thursday, 12 January 2012

Join the Dots!!

Bless her, Courtney has got Chicken Pox! We have been expecting it but to be honest I thought she'd have it around Christmas time! It is doing the rounds at nursery and Courtney was unwell mid December so I thought that was her coming down with it then. On Saturday as Mark was changing her nappy he noticed a couple of spots inside her nappy and called me over to look. I knew instantly it would be Chicken Pox! She also had a few little spots on her chest and a couple on her back. I thought she'd be covered by morning but she wasn't too bad really. A few more had come up but not as many as I'd thought! Over the days she's had a few more spots but has been very lucky! They're mainly on her scalp and inside her nappy, she has about 5 on her forehead and none at all on her face. The ones on her body are quite spread out. She's not been itchy at all really, just the odd scratch to her head but that's been it. Health wise she was a little off colour and didn't eat much the first couple of days but other than that has been her normal happy self. I was off work on holiday this week so I've been able to take full care of her which I'm grateful for. I'm just waiting and hoping for Charlie to have it now too, get them over with in one go!(just hoping it's soon as we go on holiday in 4 weeks time!!)

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