Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wildlife Oasis

I've been wanting to update my blog for a few days but it's been a very busy few days!
On Thursday (the 18th) Charlie, Courtney and myself joined Kathryn, Jessica and Daniel for a trip out to Wildlife Oasis near to Beetham. It's very good there and seems to cater really well for all age groups. As well as all the animals and creatures there are also a few interactive parts and a nice cafe! We took our time going round and happened to be at the reptile enclosure when the talk was about to start. Charlie and Courtney were very brave in stroking all the reptiles, Charlie even held a snake! Jessica and Daniel weren't too sure though, I don't blame them, LOL!
We then wandered around the outdoor enclosures, they have just adopted a snow leopard, he wasn't there the last time we went. He's a very proud looking leopard! He was just near to the meerkats! They're always cute! Also the outdoor play area was there so they all had a good play! After we'd finished at Wildlife Oasis we drove the short distance to Beetham nurseries where we ended our day with a drink and cake!

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