Tuesday, 2 August 2011

around 10 miles!

I must have been feeling keen this evening, LOL! I met Sarah at the gym and decided to cycle down! It's been a lovely evening and I thought I'd take advantage. We spent just over an hour doing solid exercise. I am amazing myself by starting to jog a little! I'm not a runner, never have been but I can happily manage a full minute jogging (please don't laugh, I did say I'm not a runner, LOL!) I set the treadmill going and walk a minute, run a minute etc and managed 3 minutes of jogging tonight, I then stayed on the treadmill until 10 minutes were up, I then went on the rowing machine for 10 minutes and did the repetition circuit, 20 repetitions per piece of equipment (5 pieces) We finished with a swim and rewarded ourselves with a sauna after! I then kinda realised I had to cycle home too, LOL!! What with doing an hours Zumba class and swim last night too there had better be a new leaner me soon!!!

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