Monday, 29 August 2011

Haven = Happiness!

On Wednesday evening Mark spotted on Travel Zoo that Haven were doing some special promotions for Bank Holiday weekend. Karin and Maddie (our sister in law and niece,20) were visiting at the time and we asked them if they'd like to come with us, so that was it, we booked! Talk about spur of the moment, LOL! Dan (our nephew,19) was coming with us too but decided at the last moment that he would like a weekend at home with a bit of peace! We decided on the Cala Gran site in Fleetwood as it wasn't too far away and had great facilities for Charlie and Courtney.
We arrived at the park around tea time on Friday, checked in and made ourselves comfortable before making our way to the 'Mash and Barrel' diner for dinner. The food was lovely and really quick, efficient service. We headed back to the caravan (or camper van as Charlie called it, LOL) to settle in for the evening and put Charlie and Courtney to bed. We had breakfast in the caravan Saturday morning, it was a pleasant morning so we decided to go for a swim. The pool isn't massive but adequate, we didn't know when we arrived that they have 50 minute time slot sessions, we were lucky and turned up just at the right time, we didn't even have to wait 5 minutes! We got changed and before we knew it Charlie was half way up the steps to the slide! Mark joined him and I watched. Courtney was already in the pool with Karin and Maddie. Charlie took us all for a turn on the slide, it was great fun! There was also a spa bath which we went in. I'd say the 50 minutes were perfect timing really we spent all the 50 minutes in there but were ready to come out when our time was up. Charlie was keen to go in the splash park so we decided as we were already wet now would be a good time. Mark and I quickly got dressed and wrapped Charlie and Courtney in their towels until we got outside. Maddie and Karin went off to the Spar shop and Maddie took some photos for us when they got back.

Mark and Charlie set off to the football after lunch and us girls went shopping to Freeport! We picked up some nice bits and bobs. We decided to have dinner at the caravan that evening as we were heading to the children's entertainment for 6:15. There was a nice build up to the show and they had a really good boogie!

We then watched the Zoo Troop show!

and afterwards Charlie and Courtney got to meet 'Polly!'

We then retired back to the caravan with 2 very tired children! Sunday morning we went to the character breakfast. Karin and Maddie decided they were going to have a chill out morning in the caravan. We sat at a table just by the entrance to the restaurant, it wasn't intentional, it just looked a good table but it turned out great because the characters came to us first! We met Polly again first, it seemed Courtney's confidence from last night dwindled as we had to really encourage her to go and see her! but in the end she did. Next around was 'Greedy' the gorilla!

There was a 'messy play' session at 11:00 that we were going to go to but we were a little early. To fill in some time we had a little play on the machines, we spent £1! there were a selection of 2p machines! Charlie and Courtney were mesmerised by the flashing lights and sounds. They really enjoyed putting the coins into the slots. It's not something we would normally do (heck, we live very close to Morecambe where slot machine places are rife!!!) but as a treat it was fun.

The messy session was organised chaos but fabulous fun! Both children were able to join in with the 'Little cubs' 0-4 age group. We were given paper, glue and lots of things to stick on! There was more room on a table than on the dance floor where everyone else was, we weren't the only ones to think it neither! Both children enjoy crafty things (they think it's great when they get to play in my craft room!) so we all really enjoyed the session.

Perhaps Mark and I enjoyed it a bit too much, LOL!! (Mark started it I hasten to add)

After the activity we made our way back to the caravan for a little rest. We then thought it would be nice to go out for a drive. Just before we set off we parked up at the main building to check out the swings as we'd just seen them on a leaflet we were given at check-in. They were a bit basic (4 pieces of equipment) if I'm honest for a park of this size but Charlie and Courtney didn't seem to mind!

We then set off on a drive into Fleetwood but everything was closed! So we decided on a drive to Cleveleys as there is a baby shop there I wanted to have a look at for Courtney some Christening shoes, tights and a hairband, lo and behold it has closed down! (It is a couple of years since I last went!) The shop was next door to a carvery pub though so really it worked out well and we ate there. Karin and Maddie went back to the caravan but we had promised Charlie a go on the trampolines. We arrived at the area and realised this was also where you can hire the bikes we'd seen around the park! We asked if Charlie would like to go on one first. We rode around to our caravan and knocked for Karin and Maddie. We hired it for half an hour, thank goodness, both Mark and I were shattered after 10 minutes, LOL!
Charlie and Courtney had a go on the trampolines before we went back to the caravan for a light tea, shower and then bedtime.
This morning all of us went to the character breakfast! This time it was the turn of 'Rory' the tiger and 'Bradley' bear. Courtney had totally lost her confidence and really didn't want to say hello! She was however happy to approach them in Daddy's arms so we had family photos.

We called in to see Nanna and Grandad on the way home. Charlie told them all about his adventure! We are now home and the first load of washing is in! It certainly was a fun way to spend the Bank Holiday weekend though.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, and fabulous photos to remember it by! I love that you are in the pictures - so often mom is behind the camera. Well done.