Thursday, 19 August 2010

Days 4,5 & 6!!

*Hangs head in shame!*

I fully intended keeping a progress report going on here of the garden transformation but life has a funny habit of getting in the way!! LOL!

The wall is totally built now and today they've put the scratchcoat on everywhere, it's looking fab! My craft room is also taking shape, literally, LOL! I've been standing inside it and can now get a real sense of the size. It isn't huge, I admit, but it's all mine!!♥

(Please excuse some photos, the weather has been really bad in the evenings but thankfully it's been good in the day for the builders which is the main thing!)

Side wall is finished

Mark standing in the hole where the trampoline will be sunk in!

My craft room (a.k.a. 'Mummy's Den!')

Back wall is finished and skimmed

and the rest is skimmed


  1. Wow!! Major progress. Did they make the side wall taller? (Oh, and did you come right with the video?)

  2. They did but not as tall as I thought it was going!! they're allowed to build to 2 metres without permission and I mis-understood when he was telling me about the bricks!! LOL! It's high enough though.
    No joy with the vid, i've got it up on the programme but in the power toold I only have one option and it isn't to rotate :(

  3. LOL, sorry, I just read again, you meant the side wall, yes they did make that taller and it looks alot better!