Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Courtney Grace L

I've been dying to announce our news but we wanted to read the report first and make sure all is well! We've known for 2 weeks so you can imagine how hard it has been holding it in!!
We have been matched to a little girl called Courtney, she is 17 months old and sounds delightful! We are giving her the second name Grace as we gave Charlie his second name too. We can't wait to meet her.♥ There's a lot of paperwork to go through first but we should have 2 children by Christmas! Charlie is going to be a wonderful big brother!♥


  1. omg karen that is fantastic news, i am so pleased for you all

  2. Yay, good luck and hope she will soon be with you.

  3. What wonderful news.You must be over the moon.