Monday, 23 August 2010

Craft room plans

It's all very exciting!! Jen sent me a plan last night of the design for my craft room. I think she's done a fantastic job, I love it!! Thank you so much Jen!
I really like that there's 2 chairs so I can 'entertain' and the workspace I will have is about a metre wide so masses of room to spread out, LOL! The grey box is my antique drawers and I have a hensvik unit which will hang above it. With the topper I think that corner will look very pretty! (the topper is almost finished)
Above the workspace my Making Memories unit will be, I bought this a few weeks ago, it was a QVC TSV and I was a little bothered where it would go as it's quite big but Jen has found the perfect spot for it! Once everything is built I will decide whether to just sit it on the workspace or hang it above. I can't wait to see it all in reality *excited*

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  1. So when are we doing it??? I will email you the dates I can come.