Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy Advent (and Coca Cola Truck!)

Today marks the first day of advent. Charlie excitedly remembered his train whilst Courtney just loved the excitement of chocolate! LOL!

This afternoon we had a trip out to Blackpool. I happened to notice on Facebook that the Coca-Cola truck was going on a tour and was in Blackpool today! I thought it would be exciting to see and knew Charlie and Courtney would love it too! It had been getting chilly in the last few days but nothing could prepare us for how cold it would be on the prom! It really wasn't that bad whilst sheltered by buildings but as soon as we hit the open space it was freezing!!! We joined the queue to have our photo taken with the truck, Charlie and Courtney were ever so good waiting. I'm really pleased with our pic! On the website where you download them they have these cute borders on!

We took a few of our own pics too whilst there. The atmosphere was really good, they had a live choir, dancers and free Coke!

We then had a little look around the shops before setting off home. It had gone dark by the time we left so I asked Mark if we could just drive along the prom to see it lit up. Just near to it there happened to be a space so we parked up and I nipped out to take this pic.

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