Sunday, 16 December 2012

Charlie's Nativity and Father Christmas Visit


This morning was Sunday School's Nativity at St.Peters. As is always the case with these sort of events the church was packed out! We thankfully managed to find a pew and a little later on they opened up the reserved pews just near the front so we got lucky and sat nearer to the front. Charlie was playing the part of King number 3 and had a line to say 'Mhyr for the baby.' The Nativity was really lovely and Charlie did his part well, as the church was full and there were a few children there some of it was hard to hear but we heard him say his part. Doesn't my boy make a very fine king!

With Mary and Joseph

and his fellow Kings

How cute, saying The Lord's Prayer

I truly love it when a visit to Father Christmas is magical, where you can see a lot of time, effort and thought has gone into it. This afternoon we'd booked a trip to see him at Beetham Nurseries. We were greeted at the entrance by 'Mary Christmas' who was dressed in all her finery! She greeted Charlie and Courtney by name and handed some sleigh bells to Charlie to ring on our way down to zigzag path to see Father Christmas.

Father Christmas peered out of his caravan when he heard us and made such a fuss as they climbed the stairs. Inside, just by Father Christmas's chair there was a long blanket covered bench set up for us to sit on, Sylvia and Hughie came with us and there was plenty of room for them to stand too. In the corner there was a nice Christmas Tree and then nice decorative touches including oil lamps! Father Christmas spent quite some time with each of them, asking them lots of questions. Courtney was a little apprehensive at first but he soon won her round! By the time it came to gift time you could see they were both totally enchanted. We have had some really nice Father Christmas experiences but I felt this one was very personal, you can see by this photo how much they both enjoyed the experience. (and I am a very happy Mummy, I adore this photo!)

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