Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day

Wow! Christmas Day this year was a whirlwind! We'd decided as we were setting off to the airport hotel late afternoon and as Charlie and Courtney have no concept of time as such to spread Christmas out this year for a couple of days. We felt it was a little unfair to let them open all their presents and then whisk them away from them. We had written to Father Christmas to explain and he was very kind and went out of his way on Christmas Eve to deliver a few presents, only a few mind, but enough to give them a nice play through the day. We had a few visitors through the day too who bought their pressies to open.

So, back to Christmas Day! We were awoken around 7:45 and all excitedly went into the kitchen to see if Father Christmas had been for his 'official' visit.

 He had so we went through to the living room to find a pile of presents each, yay! So pressie unwrapping commenced, it's so lovely to see the joy on their faces as they appreciate the gifts they are given. It was very much half and half this year, some gifts they'd stop in their tracks and want it open there and then, other times they'd tear through a few at a time! They each received lots of nice pressies, Charlie's main gift from us this year is a tab to take on his holidays, Father Christmas did a fabulous job of pre loading it with all his favourite games and apps that he plays on Daddy's tab! (some educational ones too, lol!) and Courtney got lots of bits rather than one big present but the biggest being a Hello Kitty scooter.

We then had a little panic (ok, at the time it was a big panic with it being Christmas Day but it did sort out.) Karin (our sister in law) was due to take us to the airport but rang to say she was poorly (poor love sounded dreadful and was so sorry she couldn't take us.) We thought of a few options but none worked out, my father in law's car is too small, we were going to take ours and even booked airport parking but then I remembered it's having it's MOT whilst we're away which would have expired before we returned and after having a quick Google found out it would have been illegal to drive and no trains were running! In desperation I rang an airport taxi firm, we expected it to be triple time and far too expensive but the driver was brilliant and said he was working all day anyway and the time we wanted to go was his quiet period so he could take us and didn't rip us off! Yes, it was a little expensive but not too bad, certainly not a lot compared to not being able to go on holiday! So although it ended up taking the rest of the morning at least it was sorted.

My lovely parents in law came up soon after as they were joining us for Christmas Dinner at the Golf Club.

We ate there last year and really enjoyed it. We didn't want the hassle of the aftermath of Christmas Dinner at home so decided to eat there again this year. I mean, Christmas Diner tastes so much better when someone else has prepared it, LOL! It didn't disappoint, it was delicious! The nice thing is this year it was done as a carvery with vegetables served to our table so we could choose how much to eat.

We returned home and whilst Charlie and Courtney played with their new toys with Nanna and Grandad we de-Christmassed the house and had a quick clean around. We then had about an hour to relax before the taxi came. The motorway was clear all the way down to the airport, we made ourselves comfortable in our room, gave Charlie ad Courtney a bath before settling them into bed and then we watched the soaps on TV before settling to sleep ourselves.



  1. Love their Christmas outfits!!

  2. hope you all had a great time in NZ....looking forward to reading and seeing your pics.