Sunday, 18 November 2012

First Christmas Fayre!

So with 5 weeks to go today we attended our first, of I'm quite sure many, Christmas Fayre's. We actually inadvertently attended this one! We decided to take my Mum on a little run out to Bay View garden centre in Bolton le Sands, the cafe there is very nice! As we approached we saw an advertising board on the road about the fayre. It was chaos there, very very busy! We did wonder whether to go somewhere else when luckily a car pulled out just in front of us and we were able to have their space! It wasn't quite so busy indoors as it was nicely spread out and we got a good view of all the stalls.
After a nice wander we went to the cafe and enjoyed a latte and piece of lemon cake. Charlie had a deluxe hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream! He is loving hot chocolate at the moment! We could see Father Christmas from the cafe and he waved to us! How could we resist a visit! I had a quick word to the elves first about going to New Zealand on Boxing Day, I have told Charlie that I have written to Father Christmas to tell him we were going. The grotto area is beautifully set up complete with a snow machine! Courtney didn't like that as it was quite loud but Charlie had a little play!

Just in the entrance there was this very cute reindeer set up pulling a dinky sleigh that the children could sit in, I was about to take a photo when Courtney noticed Father Christmas coming towards her, of course then there was no chance, LOL!

So we went in to see Father Christmas, he had a lovely chat to both of them and Charlie was enthralled that Father Christmas actually knew we were going to New Zealand! He was so lovely and as there were no other children waiting we got to spend a nice amount of time with him.

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