Saturday, 10 November 2012


Thought it was a cool funky date so used it as my title, LOL! (Unless of course you're in America, you'd have had this date last month!)
So, today I finished off November's square of the stitch-a-long! I don't know why but this felt like it took forever! In reality it has only taken a few days and I haven't been able to sit long periods of time with it so it's just 'felt' longer, if you know what I mean, LOL! I am, however totally delighted with it! As 2012 has been a big year here in the UK I decided to add the Olympic rings onto Tower Bridge! (I stitched the Jubilee cross stitch too earlier in the year so that's all bases covered!)

This means I am now ready for a new project! I've been feeling just recently a little flat when it comes to my stitching mojo. I was tempted to have a little break but I do feel inspired once I see a project near completion (like that the stitch-a-long only has one month left and I'm itching to stitch December's square) I've to be careful because cross stitching is a hobby I love but yet I never want it to feel like a chore! 
I really like Bothy Threads kits, I've stitched a couple and decided to have a mooch through their site to see if I could be inspired. I didn't have to look for long, there's so many on there I'd like to stitch but 'Holly' kind of jumped out to me. I think she's beautiful, not something I'd have normally found myself stitching so I'm liking the challenge and the robins around her border are divine! I'm not setting myself up of having her done for Christmas, I'm just going to take my time with her.

She is part of a series and I'm going to see how I get on but at this stage I am tempted to stitch 4 out of the series to form a larger 'seasons' collection.

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  1. ooh yes, I like the rings on Tower Bridge, smashing addition :D I've still to rip all that water out :( I love Holly, she's absolutely gorgeous - I took a look at the other girls, there are some really lovely ones - especially the sunflower girl, I liked her a lot!