Friday, 16 November 2012

Children in Need 2012

The cake stall was open again at Nursery, this year Courtney got to 'work' in the shop! She was ever so cute trying to use the tongs to pick up the cakes! In the end Julie, her key worker, said she could use her hands as the cakes were covered in paper! She really enjoyed herself and proudly showed the cakes off to daddy when he got home from work!

Photo taken 15.11.12

Today was actual Children in Need day, many schools do dressing up in PJ's, wearing clothes inside out etc. Charlie's school decided on a theme, Heroes! That was a challenge! I started by thinking he could go as Daddy but wasn't sure how to pull it off! Then I thought of police man, fire man and even a footballer (not that I think of a footballer as a hero but you'd be surprised how many children did actually go in footie kits!) Of course in the end I went back to plan A, Daddy is Charlie's hero, I just had to work on it! In the end he wore a smart shirt and trousers and one of Daddy's ties, featuring Tigger and Pooh! As a finishing touch I made a badge. I found an image in the internet which appeared to be a book cover as there was an author's name but I photo shopped that out, printed and covered it and stuck it to his shirt using double sided tape!! Apparently one of the teachers at school also went as her Dad and she really wanted Charlie's badge!

As Charlie was dressed up, Courtney desperately wanted to as well! I rang Nursery who said it was OK to and voila, a fairy princess with her big 'Daddy' brother!

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