Thursday, 1 November 2012

Barton Grange

Barton Grange is a garden centre just outside of Preston. Every year they have magnificent Christmas displays. I was delighted when Kathryn suggested we go there on our day out. To be honest there wasn't as many Christmas displays as there has been in previous years. The decorations you can purchase were as wonderful as ever though! There were though a few nice displays and all 4 children took a liking to the dancing snowmen! (I didn't photograph them though) Alice in Wonderland was a lovely display and as you walked all the way around you saw something different.

We timed our visit well, it is half term week and all week activities have been provided for children to join in. Up until today they've all been Halloween themed but today it was decorating a cupcake! It was so well organised, each child chose a cake and could put on white, green, pink or chocolate icing! The choice of decorations was also very good, jelly beans, chocolate drops, hunderds and thousands, marshmallows, dolly mixtures to name but a few! They all had a great time and got to eat their cupcakes in the cafe after!

On the way home we stopped at a really nice pub, The Bell Flower, great food, great service and a play area for the children! Kathryn and I have never had such a great chat in ages, normally we are distracted by at least one child!! LOL!!

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